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If you are interested, please reserve your spot.  Once payment is received, Kate will email you within 24 hours with instructions and a link that you will use to view the workshop. 

Sugar & Grains Are EVERYWHERE!

October 9th at 6pm

Location: Online.  $20 Per person. 

​Headaches, muscle pain or always tired?
You can control these symptoms by the foods you eat!  Knowing what is in your foods is key. We will cover how to find the harmful hidden food ingredients in your labels. We will also cover All Natural vs Organic and the effects of consuming GMO food.

Demystifying Fats

December 5th at 6pm
Location: Online.  $20 Per person.

Do you experience depression or anxiety?
These are common symptoms that present with Lyme. Empower yourself with the truth about fats and how it will help your body heal and keep your symptoms at bay. You will learn which fats are good for you and which ones to avoid. 


Take a look at my current events and feel free to reach out to sign up or ask any questions!

Up & Coming Events

I am EXCITED to announce that I am now offering Workshops online!  Yes that is right... Online!!

Most people live a busy life, either they can not leave work, or want to leave home after a long day at work or they simply can not leave the house due to symptoms they are experiencing. To accommodate everyone, I will be hosting these workshops remotely!!

Join me Kate Cretsinger, Certified Nutrition Coach in a series of Workshops to help you get healthy and start putting symptoms to rest.  

Next Step:

Your Gut, The L!nk To Your Health

November 6th at 6pm
Online.  $20 Per person.

Do you experience brain fog or fatigue?
Learn how your health truly starts in your gut.  In order to fight off the many co-hosts of diseases that come with Lyme, we need to have a strong immune system. You will learn ways to heal your gut and build your immune system using proper foods.