Is weight loss your ultimate goal? Do you think that you can eat anything you want and work it off in the gym?

In order to see true results, the reality of the situation is that you cannot exercise your way out of bad food choices.  Keep in mind that everyone (big emphasis on EVERYONE here) digests and metabolizes their food differently; eating is NOT a one-size fit all approach.

Join me as I host a series of group sessions at the Local Beauty Barre that focus on the 2 key components of weight loss: nutrition and exercise. The goal of these sessions is to offer support to others that might not be part of the social circle you frequently interact or workout with, providing you the opportunity to expand your network and support system.

I take the proven approach that nutrition and what you put in to fuel your body directly correlates with your performance and success. I strive to step away from just counting calories and keeping track of weight or measurements; even though results are possible with this method, it fails to help develop ingrained habits and a true understanding of your body. The suggestions I offer are based on your personality, your lifestyle, and how your body responds to the foods you eat.  I coach you to treat this as a lifestyle change: you will walk away from my sessions with the knowledge to take control of your nutrition decisions and the confidence to continue with this lifestyle long after these support sessions have ended.

What really makes my group sessions unique is you will have an individualized program that we will develop in partnership with your goals in mind. You will be responsible for keeping track of your progress and setbacks accurately – this is the only way to ensure complete success! I will review your tracking sheets and provide adjustments that will keep you on the right path to your personal health and fitness goals.

Groups will meet every other week for 1 hour, starting on March 13th at 7:00pm for a total of 8 sessions.  Or you may choose Saturday March 24th at 9:30 am for a total of 8 sessions.  You will be asked to commit to one of these days as your session.  Can’t make it to all sessions?  No worries!!!  We will Facebook live the session right into your private Facebook group so you don’t miss a thing!! 

Do you have a group of friends that you would like to get healthy with? How about co-workers?  Share this listing with them to get them on board!

What are you waiting for?  What have you go to lose?!!

Take a look at my current and future challenges or events and feel free to reach out to sign up or ask any questions!

 Beauty Barre Bikini Challenge MAR 13  7:00PM-8:00PM

  Local Beauty Barre

  217 W. Hollis St Nashua ,NH

  $125 per person Member fee

  $150 per person Non-Member fee

 Beauty Barre Bikini Challenge (2)

 MAR 24  9:30AM-10:30AM

  Local Beauty Barre

  217 W. Hollis St. Nashua, NH

  $125 per person Member fee
  $150 per person Non-Member fee  
 Health & Wellness Challenge

 MAR 22  5:00PM-6:00PM

  Chiropractic 202

  162 Hancock St. Peterborough, NH.

  $150 per person, per month 

  4 Month Challenge; online option

 4 Month Summer Body Challenge 
   APR 9 AM or PM Sessions  Facebook Challenge

  $150 per person, per month

  4 Month Challenege

 Spring Cleaning 12 Day Cleanse  APR 16  Online  Facebook Challenge  $125 per person

Up & Coming Events

Local Beauty Barre

217 W. Hollis St Nashua, NH

March & April 2018

Beauty Barre Bikini Challenge

Challenge Group Two: Begins 3/24

Meets every other Saturday


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4 Month Challenge


Group Sessions and Challenges

Stay Tuned For March Dates & Topics!!

Challenge Group One: Begins 3/13

Meets every other Tuesday