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Kate is specifically trained to educate individuals about healthy eating and lifestyle choices, she helps them to develop and set goals, and put them into practice.  Kate can help navigate the overwhelming, contradictory, and sometimes downright wrong health tips found on the Internet. 

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Kate offers Individual and Group Nutrition Sessions for chronic pain, chronic disease (prevention/management), sports performance, digestive disorders, meal planning/prepping, weight loss/weight management, prenatal/postnatal, metabolic disorders. Kate also offers guidance on healthy eating lifestyles such as but not limited to vegetarian, ketogenic and paleo. Get started on the path to health and wellness through personalized programs that will educate you on what your body needs.

Why a Certified Nutrition Coach? 

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Personalized nutrition programs is what makes this one of the most successful programs around! Sessions can be done in person or with live video conferencing. My program consists of 12 classes and 1 free 30-Minute consultation.